Adele has spoken of her fears about wearing her voice out, as she prepares for another demanding round of Las Vegas shows in the New Year.

The 16-time Grammy winner recently announced she’ll be performing 32 more Weekends With Adele way into 2024 at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace.

The singer was previously forced to cancel tour dates in 2011, after suffering a throat haemorrhage. She had to undergo a high risk laser surgery, and then teach herself to sing again.

Asked if she had been writing new music, the Easy On Me singer told The Hollywood Reporter: “I get nervous about wearing my voice out [at the residency]. It’s a lot of singing. It’s two hours. It’s all live. It’s a lot.

“And I f***ing motormouth and chat me ass off as well. But yeah, I have nothing to say yet. I haven’t even thought about it.”

Despite her numerous career accolades including an Academy Award and five Emmy awards, Adele added: “My dream job is to be a script reader, that’s what I’d actually love.

“People think it’s hilarious, and they don’t take me seriously and I often say to my manager, ‘I think I could make some really great stuff, I want to be really successful at something’ and he’s like, ‘What’.

“I was like, ‘I know, but (music) is my hobby. I just fell into it and then it just happened. I want to be in TV and behind the scenes’.”

Adele said trailblazing film studio leader Sherry Lansing started her career as a maths teacher, before she was a head script reader at MGM Studios.

“But that’s my dream job,” she said.

On being asked why she does not make her own company, Adele said: “I don’t want to build my own things, I want to work with something. I don’t want to create something.

“I want to join something. That’s how I feel. But I don’t think I’d want to be a producer, or a director, because I don’t want to work with talent.”

The singer-songwriter said she turns down offers to star in biopics of singers “all the time” because it is “too obvious”, but said there is only one film she will ever want to star in.

She added: “…But the guy whose movie it would be, he’s not mentally ready to write the script for it… I bug him every now and then about it, but he’s just not there yet.

“But that’s the only role I ever want. Because I think I’d nail it. I think I’d do really, really, really good at it.”

Adele also said she gets in touch with a lot of up-and-coming female singers to give advice and “secret nuggets of truth or tricks of how to survive” in the industry because she did not have that.

She said she would “love to go into management” but she would not be able to work with talent.

“So I have them round and we have some wine and I talk to them,” she said. “Even if you’re really close with your team, your team can’t relate to you suddenly being thrust out of your life and thrown onto the public stage.”

During the interview, Adele also said nine-time Grammy nominee SZA was “definitely my favourite” record of the year, while she said she is “very excited” Dua Lipa is back with new music.

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