A new wild action comedy on Netflix from the creators of the phenomenally successful Cobra Kai has certainly divided opinion, with fans saying it's the best thing they've seen all year while critics largely say it's utter dross.

Obliterated landed on Netfllix last month and stars Nick Zano and Shelley Hennig. The eight-part series concerns a specialist elite team - drawn from diverse branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and intelligence services - brought together to thwart a perilous terrorist network hellbent on detonating a fake nuclear device in Las Vegas.

After successfully averting the initial threat, the team indulges in a very hedonistic celebratory night. However, their revelry is dramatically cut short when they uncover the shocking revelation that the nuclear bomb they believed to have neutralised was merely a decoy. So now, amid the haze of their intoxications, the team must rally together to locate the authentic threat and avert a catastrophic disaster in order to save the day.

Sounds a lot of fun, right? Viewers largely thought so, with many claiming it as the best series they had seen on the platform this year. Some praised how funny it was - and 'surprisingly heartfelt'.

Yet while some critics saw merit in the madness, many did not.

Aramide Tinubu of Variety, was particularly scathing, blasting the series as 'nearly unwatchable'. She wrote: "Unfortunately, instead of an uproarious commentary on the culture of drugs and drinking and the various factions of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Obliterated is a baffling, nearly unwatchable hodgepodge of nonsense littered with penises and explosives."

With a sizeable 81 per cent Audience Score and paltry 47 per cent Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, Obliterated is certainly proving extremely divisive.

Fans on YouTube were full of praise for Obliterated.

@mullowayaddict8603: "Best series I’ve watched on Netflix this year by far! Definitely worth the watch."

@tilly2715: "This show was amazing. I hope it gets the attention it deserves."

@Vywu: "Just finished the show. Absolute banger filled with thrill, suspense, action and comedy."

@Somebodyfeedme: "This show was hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt! Loved this team!"

@Kryszchukmars2923: "What a show, one of the best and to top it off the greatest show I’ve watched this year on Netflix. Didn’t want it to end."

@syronix2: "This was so damn good! Perfect balance of humour, heartfelt moments and action. I WANT MORE!!"

@Tcrror: "This show definitely deserves better reviews than it got. Hilarious."

@cnb4372: "Absolutely loved this series and haven’t laughed that hard in a long time."

Meanwhile, M.N. Miller of FandomWire said: "Obliterated is unpleasant, overwrought, and hyper-driven overstimulation of the senses for all the wrong reasons."

Tim Stevens of The Spool wrote: "Put it another way, Obliterated is bad. Very bad."

Elsewhere Breeze Riley of Tell-Tale TV said: "The premise gets stretched way too thin. It’s too much time left to fill with the same recurring jokes and gags about how incapacitated the team is at any point."

While Chris Joyce of Movies and Munchies added: "A simplistic action-comedy that panders to its audience by delivering mindless violence with entry-level dialogue. Stereotypical characters over-explain decisions, but at least there’s exciting action that delivers brutality."

Obliterated is available to watch now on Netflix.

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