8 Jul 2013

8 Jul 2013

What We Do


IPv4 Xchange is committed to being the consummate resource for companies looking to buy or sell  IPv4 address blocks. We also guide companies through the process of transferring IPv4 addresses.

The American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) refers to the process of transferring IPv4 address blocks from the current registrant to a specified recipient in the 8.3 transfer policy. Below is a brief explanation of this process. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Before the transfer of IPv4 IP’s can be approved, both entities and the agreement itself must be vetted and approved by ARIN. Primarily, the right to transfer the IPv4 addresses and a demonstrated need for IPv4 addresses must be validated.

  1. To receive IPv4 IP’s, the requesting company must establish a Point of Contact Handle and an Organization ID number with ARIN. Both can be done by creating a profile on the ARIN web site and following the instructions.
  2. To Submit an IPv4 address transfer request, companies must submit the transfer request form and create an API Key. The API Key can be created by visiting the ARIN web site, creating a profile and following the instructions. It’s on the request form that companies must state their reason for needing the IPv4 address blocks. Once the form has been submitted, a ticket number will be issued via email. ARIN will respond to your request within two business days.
  3. ARIN will also request verification of all submitted information by an official officer of the company via a process known as officer attestation.
  4. Once requests are approved, companies must fill out a Registration Services Agreement (RSA). Transfer and annual fees will be assessed.
  5. The transfer of the IPv4 address blocks will be completed by ARIN, two days after they have received the RSA and all applicable fees.