In this special interview at Nintendo New York, Kenan Thompson, the critically acclaimed actor and the longest-serving cast member of "Saturday Night Live," recalled his early years in acting. The 46-year-old comedian returned to the sets of "All That" and "Good Burger" and shared what he has saved from shooting.

Looking back at his tenure in "All That," the famous Nickelodeon show from the ‘90s that launched the careers of many child actors and comedians alike, Thompson couldn’t help but show his love for the show’s merchandise.

He further commented on the fact that "Our original T-shirts of the logo were very special" noting that these items were sentimental. "I think we got backpacks too, or something else that had the logo on it. We were all obsessed with that logo.It was really cool." he added.

"Good Burger" Memorabilia

Thompson also took his trip down memory lane further than "All That." He also remembered buying lots of "Good Burger" hats referring to his acting in a comedy movie where he played one of the eccentric employees of a fast food restaurant.

"I got a couple of Good Burger hats, for sure, but it was mostly hats that they would put on all the restaurant workers. So it wasn't my specific hat that I wore. ... But it's good to have that kind of stuff," Thompson said. Other topics that Thompson talked about include the recently concluded season of SNL, the highlights of the show, and the upcoming 50th season.

"It was pretty great," he said enthusiastically about season 49. "Just top to bottom. We started with Pete [Davidson]. People forget Pete opened." Thompson also highlighted some of the best sketch performances from the last season, such as Kate McKinnon’s Christmas episode, Maya Rudolph’s segment on motherhood, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s finale.

He pointed out particularly on Rudolph’s segment with much enthusiasm; "[Maya] couldn't have been more of a bullseye. If anything is defining of how we feel about Maya Rudolph these days, it was tucked into a two-minute song that she destroyed, because that's what she does.You know what I mean? Not only was the idea great, but she killed it on top of it. She's the best." Saturday Night Live will return in fall.

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