Hindsight is 20/20 for former The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay.

While the season 13 alum "doesn't regret" her marriage to Bryan Abasolo entirely, there is one major thing she wishes she had done differently: a prenup.

Now, in the midst of her "unnecessarily nasty and messy" divorce, she explained her mindset, knowing what she knows now.

"The reason I didn't is because the place that I'm in now is, you know, totally different than when I got married," she reflected while on the Hidden Gems podcast on June 6.

"We were more leveled, and I wasn't in California...It was just a different time, and so I wasn't leading with that. And we weren't on the same page with prenups. I just didn't want it to be a bigger issue, so we didn't have one," she added.

Lindsay also disagrees with society's stigma against prenuptial agreements. She believes that they are a practical measure for people to protect their futures, as people tend to change in relationships.

"Everybody should have a prenup...It doesn't mean you're planning for a divorce. It's just smart," she said.

She continued: "A prenup is necessary, because you're dealing with dissolving a marriage, and you're two different people." She continued, "My mistake is expecting that the people will be handling it in the same way. And they just don't."


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She then gave details surrounding the separation process between her and Abasolo.

"It didn't have a happy ending. The way [the divorce] was filed was not [amicable]. I just want to be clear," she said.

Despite the personal loss, Lindsay has a strong head on her shoulders, and is determined to move on with her life, whether that involves marriage or not.

"I definitely want a partner in life. I want adventure. I want fun. I want a best friend," she said.

"I'm not dating...if you had asked me this question three months ago, I would have told you that I am asexual and antisocial. I'm no longer that," she added.

She is also trying her best to remain optimistic during the stressful time in her life. "I feel like I'm getting my confidence back. I'd like to close this we can both move on and go our separate ways."

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