He is the fan favourite that many hoped would take home the MasterChef crown.

But sadly Harry Butterfield, 29, was shown the exit on the hit cooking show on Tuesday after a dramatic pressure test.

Harry's elaborate Flounder Kandinsky left judge Josh Niland underwhelmed and the result had some viewers taking to social media to share their outrage over the result.

'Who’s cutting onions? So devastated for Harry! Will definitely miss him,' shared one fan.

Added another: 'I have always imagined Harry being the winner of this season. I am just speechless to see this verdict. Love you Harry

'I can't believe it,' posted another fan.

Harry's exit was an emotional affair as judge Sofia Levin announced: 'I'm so sorry Harry, but you're leaving the competition today.   

'You don't have to be sorry I know I made some mistakes,' Harry said.

The result was particularly painful for Harry since has been known for his fish cuisine, while Josh was one of the popular contestant's food heroes.

There was not a dry eye in the MasterChef kitchen as Josh paid tribute during his farewell to Harry.

'I wanted to say to you as well, there was a number of experiences that I've had where I was responsible for the kitchen and then all of a sudden, your mentor comes in and people that you admire more than they could imagine and I know that that's steered me wrong on a couple of occasions,' Josh said.

He continued: 'And it does hurt because you cook with emotion. What you did today, you should be very proud.'

Judge Andy Allen also paid tribute to Harry.

'I want you to look around and look at the impact that you've had on these people,' he said. 

Before making his final exit Harry thanked MasterChef for the experience. 

'I think the only place I've been where people care so much about your creativity and want you to do well is around my family, so I get it when people say that it's like a family here.' he said. 

'Look, I'm gutted it's over, but I'm proud of the journey that I've been on and really grateful for the experience.'

Contestants Savindri, Josh aka Pezza and Nat will now advance into the semi finals and a chance to win $250,000.

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