Drake lovers should also rejoice because DJ Akademiks has revealed that the rap G is soon releasing new tracks. This revelation brings more the installment to the prevalent story in Drake heightened rivalry with another hip hop artist, Kendrick Lamar, a storyline that has been going on for several months.

Recall, on a particular Monday, DJ Akademiks also went online in support of Drake especially to those who doubted his music career. ”All you [people] who’ve been acting like Drake’s finished… bookmark this tweet for six months from now,” he said definitively.

They don’t post to tell you [people] that you are welcome somewhere near, no…remember that”. He continued, ensuring fans of the quality of the upcoming releases: "And yes… enjoy all the other noise and bs… Drake new music otw.and it’s fye… trust. " Akademiks has consistently been one of Drake’s staunchest allies, defending him vigorously throughout his public spat with Kendrick Lamar, also known as K.Dot.

Drake's Unyielding Battle

To further the apparent beef between the two, in May this year while being hosted on the Flagrant pod cast, Akademiks sided with Drake, claiming that Drake was winning.

He mentioned the unfairness displayed by each artist, “The rules aren’t the same for both artists… Drake has never ducked a battle. He’s always been there. This has been building up from now on and more so after Gordo, Drake’s producer chimed in to say that new tracks are on the way and could be released this summer.

After the Cameroonian singer posted a picture with Drake on Instagram, a simple caption of ‘You guys ready for summer 2024. . .’ left fans eager. Other recent collaborations that Drake has embarked on in his musical career are still working to put him at the top.

A song by Him titled “First Person Shooter”, which included J. Cole as a guest, was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 by the 17th of October in the year 2023. This accomplishment made Drake having thirteen newly number one songs the same as Michael Jackson, making them both a record of the most number one song of any single artist.

The song is contained in his latest album titled For All the Dogs-an album that has already churned out several other hit songs that made it to the top 10. These achievements show that Drake is firmly entrenched in the music business and that he is still an invulnerable player in the field of modern music.

Thus, the spectators are waiting to witness another world hit that can change the summer soundtracks all over the world.

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