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A notorious drummer and a TV star: See the most iconic rock couples through the years

From Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful to Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear, look back at the most iconic rock couples through the ages.

Celebrities who were told they wouldn't make it

Becoming an actor, singer, dancer, or model can be quite challenging, as these careers all demand determination and sacrifice to succeed. Many hopefuls initially faced discouragement, being told they wouldn't make it, yet today, they're internationally recognized figures. Instead of letting criticism defeat them, they used it as fuel for self-improvement and to aim higher. And as a bonus, they are now very, very rich. Take a look at this gallery to discover who we are talking about and try not to gasp!

Comedy star jokes actress wife is 'preggo with a human baby,' more stars who are currently expecting

See which stars are currently pregnant or preparing to expand their families.

'Extremely out of character': Police appeal for info after Chch mum goes missing

Anyone who may have seen her is asked to call police "urgently".

Sophia Loren: some of her most beautiful photos

Review: Why Kiwi stars Julian Dennison and Rhys Darby and UK actress Minnie Driver’s new film Uproar is something to shout about

Julian Dennison tackles the big topics in this local coming-of-age dramedy.

TikTok: Doctor warns about the dangers of the viral ‘bone smashing’

In a video posted on his social media, the plastic surgeon warns about the dangers of TikTok's latest bizarre viral trend: 'bone smashing'. O post TikTok: Doctor warns about the dangers of the viral ‘bone smashing’ apareceu primeiro em Tudo do Bem.

'90s star met former spouse he's divorcing at a music star's birthday party, more famous duos reveal exactly how they met

Find out how dozens of your favorite stars met, hooked up with or started dating their most famous loves.

Celebrities you didn’t know went to prison

While the lives of the rich and famous seem idyllic, there are some celebrities who’ve led a less-than-picture-perfect life. In fact, there are a number of well-known names that have gotten in trouble with the law. And just because you're famous doesn't mean you're immune to consequences! In the following slides, you'll see celebrities who were put behind bars on charges ranging from tax fraud to sexual assault, and even murder. So keep browsing this gallery for the stars that went to jail for their alleged crimes.

Brendan Fraser's rise, fall, and triumphant return

The public discourse has picked up and put down a fascination with Brendan Fraser many times over the years and for varying reasons. His life in the public eye began as a comedy and action megastar, then suddenly he seemed to disappear completely. Now, he's back in the headlines for his stunning lead role in Darren Aronofsky's latest psychological drama 'The Whale,' for which he earned the Oscar for Best Actor. It was his first lead in 12 years, his first-ever Oscar-nominated performance, and in the end, he took home the most prestigious award in Hollywood. The win capped off a successful run on the awards circuit, as Fraser also won a SAG Award and Critics Choice Award. Click through to discover the full story of how Brendan Fraser rocketed into Hollywood, crashed lower than we ever imagined, and adamantly climbed his way back up to the top.

The 60 Best Films of the 20th Century

Lucy Letby baby murders: Police launch corporate manslaughter investigation into hospital

Lucy Letby murdered 7 babies and tried to kill another 6. Now police have another update.

Meghan Markle too ‘thin-skinned’ to be a politician amid claims she could replace the late Senator Dianne Feinstein

It comes after rumours the Duchess could be eyeing a career in US politics.

2023 TV Premiere Dates

Grammy nominee, 47, reveals she had a facelift: Stars before and after they went under the knife

See how dozens of stars have altered their looks!

30 A-list movie & TV stars who were unrecognizable in their roles

In this article, we will look at 30 actors who don't look anything like their characters! Some of them are so different that you might not even recognize them!

Susan Sarandon is 77: Photos From Her Young Days Through to Today

Susan Sarandon, born October 4, 1946, is an Academy Award-winning actress and activist, knowns for her stunning looks, outspoken political views, and impressive acting range & you can see photos of her through the years, here.

Celebs who gave their cheating partners a second chance

Let's be honest, every time you hear about a celeb cheating scandal, you immediately wonder if they're going to stay together. Many celebrity couples break up immediately after infidelity strikes, however, that's not the case for every couple. Every famous pair in this gallery have gone through a cheating scandal, reconciled, and stayed together...at least for a little bit longer. Click through to see which famous figures decided to stand by their cheating partner!

Movies shot entirely on green screen

Special effects can bring to life just anything a filmmaker can imagine, allowing them to be more creative than ever before. It has removed any restrictions that once compromised the creator's vision, bringing to life locations and creations that were once impossible to capture. And as green screen technology has evolved in the last decade, it has become one of the most essential tools of modern filmmaking. Used in major blockbusters and even in indie movies, green screen can truly enhance a film when used well. With that, let's discover more about this technology and the films that were entirely shot on green screen. Click on to discover more.

Country music singer accused of sexual assault welcomes third child with wife who's divorcing him, more stars who had babies in 2023

See all the celebrities who gave birth, expanded their families or revealed happy baby news in 2023.

The most iconic narrators in film history

The art of cinema is that it shows rather than tells. We learn about the characters through small moments and interactions that say more than words ever could. However, adding a narrator to a film gives another layer of depth, and can be either entertaining or chilling, comforting or disconcerting. The narrator's voice has been used in so many different ways throughout cinematic history, and while some styles have become somewhat cliché or are seen as narrative shortcuts, there are several iconic examples that clearly inspired other filmmakers and turned narration into an art form. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to remember some of the most unforgettable narrators in film history.

Family affair: The Rock takes care of his mum with $3.5m home

From Zendaya and Beyoncé to Venus Williams and The Rock, these stars have all bought homes for their parents once they hit the big time. Margot Robbie even cleared her mother's mortgage. Let's take a look around...

'How fragile life is': Kevin Spacey rushed to hospital after suspected heart attack

The actor said he "felt my entire left arm go numb for about eight seconds".

Must-see Netflix movies and series in October

Get in the mood for fall with a whole new crop of Netflix movies and series! As October leaves turn red and the sun sets earlier and earlier, you’ll find plenty of shows ready to entertain, surprise, and amaze you. From horror films and dramatic series to documentaries, here are 25 of the most eagerly awaited releases on Netflix Canada in October.

Celebrity Yearbook Photos: Before They Were Famous

10 Rare Photos of a Young Patrick Stewart

He was doing Shakespeare on the stage long before he was a space captain.

Music star reflects on son's death from opioid addiction, says 'guilt and shame are nothing to hold on to,' more stars who've lost children

Jack Wagner, Regina King, Sinead O'Connor, Nick Cannon, Chris Daughtry and more stars who've said goodbye to their kids.

It's over for an Oscar winner and her spouse of more than a decade following his affair scandal, more news

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have reportedly called it quits after more than a decade of marriage following a cheating scandal.

The favorite films of the stars: have you seen them all?

Would you recognize them today? Hint: They were once voted the Sexiest Men Alive

Every year, People magazine carefully observes the famous men who confidently walk down red carpets, analyzing their qualities and gathering votes to determine the lucky recipient of the esteemed title of "Sexiest Man Alive." The list itself, much like its title, is impressive, featuring both predictable and surprising choices that have caused debates. But is sexiness an inherent trait that withstands the test of time, or does it gradually fade away, just like the pigmentation in one's hair? Click through to take a trip down memory lane and discover the very first batch of men who were honored with this award, dating all the way back to 1985.

TV star who died at 70's cause of death revealed: Stars say goodbye to the late actor

Celebrities react to death of Pee-Wee Herman actor

The surprising celebs who secretly live as farmers

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight, but many choose to stay away from the buzz of city life and all that it entails. So much so, that some famous faces prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside. From actors to music stars, many celebs have bought farms, ranches, and everything in between—and many of these celebs actually live and work on them. Curious to find out which celebrities have secretly been living as farmers when they're not on the red carpet? Click on!

Bare elegance: Stars in shirtless blazers on the red carpet

There's nothing more visually intriguing than pairing a traditionally masculine and stiff jacket with the soft and curvy female body. That's why blazers with nothing underneath have become something of a fixture on the red carpet. Its ability to defy rules is sexy, while the jacket gives the look a refined feel. Check out this gallery to see which celebrities have mastered the shirtless blazer, and try ditching the extra layers yourself!

The star of 'The Sound of Music' turns 88: See her life in pictures

Take a look back at Julie Andrews' life and career in photos.

The 35 Best Murder Mystery Movies to Watch Right Now

Channel your inner detective with our favorite whodunits.

The Jackson 3: how the King of Pop's kids are branching out

What Michael Jackson's children Prince, Paris and Bigi Jackson do for a living and spend their money on.

40 Photos of Sally Field's Most Iconic Moments and Roles

She was in a movie with Tom Hanks before Forrest Gump, you know.

Celeb parents who love to embarrass their kids

Even the children of the most popular celebrities get embarrassed by their parents. In fact, even more so! Will Smith, David Beckham, and Barack Obama are just a few dads who have made their kids want to hide. It's not just fathers either, as stars Courteney Cox and Kris Jenner prove (to the chagrin of their long-suffering children). Curious to know more? Click through the gallery to meet some of the most hilariously embarrassing parents in the entertainment industry.

25 hilarious pieces of movie trivia

Making a movie means dealing with a thousand details, interacting with the same crew for weeks on end, working hard and trying to create magic for the big screen. There’s no such thing as a good movie without a good story behind the film shoot.

'90s TV star opens up about his gay son: Stars with LGBTQ children

See which stars have supported their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and nonbinary kids -- and the few who haven't.

Celebrities who lied on social media (and got caught)

We all lie from time to time, but even those of us who do so on social media, are not under the same scrutiny that celebs are. When a famous person posts a dubious picture on Instagram, or tweets something that might ruffle someone's feathers, they have millions of people judging their actions. This, of course, makes lying a lot more difficult! In this gallery, you'll find a list of celebrities who have been caught lying on social media. Click on to find out who they are.

Celebrity Scandals From The Early Days of Hollywood

Hollywood's "Golden Era" was also a time of some dark not-so-secrets.

Iconic singer-actress dies at 76: See the best photos from early in her career

Look back at some of the most stunning photos of a young Jane Birkin.

Unlucky musicians who left famous bands just before their success

Being in a band can be challenging. The demands of touring, handling press responsibilities, and maintaining a harmonious creative dynamic with fellow musicians can cause immense pressure. The bands featured in this list have achieved significant success, but unfortunately, this success has come at a cost - the loss of members along the way. Click through this gallery to see which famous groups had unlucky members leave right before they made it big.

Haemolacria: the condition that made the real Dracula cry tears of blood

Chemical analysis of the letters of the legendary historical figure Vlad the Impaler, who inspired the fictional vampire Dracula, suggest he may have cried tears of blood, meaning that he probably had a condition called haemolacria. With various causes, from conjunctiva damage to a bloody nose, the rare condition is usually not a cause for concern. However, it can sometimes indicate a more serious underlying condition, so bloody tears should always be evaluated by a healthcare provider. Intrigued? Click on to learn how blood in the tears can occur, and how it may be treated.

Celebs overshadowed by their famous siblings

In Hollywood, it is common for fame to stay within families. Brothers, sisters, and even entire families often share the spotlight. However, there are instances where someone is left behind. Take a look at some of the celebrity siblings that have been unexpectedly overlooked.

Stars who died in 2023

See all the celebrities who've died this year so far.

All the beautiful (young) women Leonardo DiCaprio has dated

Leonardo DiCaprio is almost as well-known for his love life as he is for his movies and environmental activism. Since launching his acting career in the early '90s, the Oscar winner has had a string of high-profile relationships with Hollywood’s finest actresses and, perhaps more famously, models (especially on the younger side, in recent years). It hasn't gone unnoticed that they usually hit an age limit of 25 while he keeps getting older. However, it seems that all bets are off with his new love! He's dating a more mature woman, someone a little further out of high school. DiCaprio has been linked to Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, who is... 25 years old. The pair have been spotted getting ice cream and dancing together at clubs in Ibiza, and are reportedly enjoying getting to know each other on a "deeper level," according to a source who spoke to Page Six. As you can imagine, the jokes on social media have been non-stop since the news broke. One X (formerly Twitter) user wrote, "Bro saw all the tweets about him breaking up with women after they turn 25 now he tryna prove us wrong." Another joked, "inflation has him increasing his age range by 1." Many internet folk have placed their bets that the relationship will be over before she hits 26! One even pitched an idea for a romantic drama in which Leo falls madly in love with a 25-year-old but is tormented by the fact that he must end the relationship in 365 days. Curious about who else DiCaprio has dated? Click through this gallery to discover all the young ladies who have shared the actor's life, and see the rule of 25 in action.

Famous friends watch 'The Queen's Gambit' star marry a rocker in Italy: Weddings of 2023

Take a look back at all the celebrity couples who got married in 2023 -- or whose weddings came to light this year.

Patrick J. Pespas, star of hit HBO doc ‘Telemarketers,’ is missing