Keanu Reeves's Constantine could not only make a return in the in-development Constantine 2, but in numerous other DC Universe projects. Reeves first portrayed the demon hunting warlock of the DC Universe in 2005's Constantine, battling to save the world from Armageddon. Reeves's version of Constantine re-imagined him from English to American and made other notable changes to the character, with Constantine becoming a moderate hit in its time and gradually building a cult following ever since.

Following years of pursuit on the part of Reeves himself, Constantine 2 entered development in late 2022. Later, Reeves revealed conversations with James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, about the sequel. While it's unclear exactly where Constantine 2 could fit in Gunn's announced DCU plans, Reeves's belated sequel is not the only place his Constantine could return. In addition to other announced DC projects, Reeves's Constantine would also be a natural for one specific, but currently unannounced, ensemble piece. Here are the four DC movies and shows where Reeves's Constantine could return.

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Constantine 2

The most obvious movie where Reeves’s Constantine could next be seen is in Constantine 2, with the sequel clearly being close to the actor's heart. After the 2005 release of Constantine, Reeves said he annually approached Warner Bros. about making Constantine 2, and was met with a “no” until if finally entered development in 2022. What is less of a certainty is where Constantine 2's place could be in Gunn’s DCU roadmap.

Since the ending of Constantine does not directly set up a sequel or cinematic universe, Constantine 2 could theoretically be rolled into the DCU’s chapter one, titled Gods and Monsters, with the first film possibly retconned as an early DCU prequel of sorts. Alternatively, Constantine 2 could be produced under the DC Elseworlds label, where projects unconnected to the main DCU like The Batman and Joker films are being produced. The latter seems more likely for Constantine 2, but there are other places where Reeves’s Constantine could also appear.

The Sandman Season 2

With The Sandman having become a huge hit on Netflix, Reeves’s Constantine could also appear there. The various incarnations of The Sandman have had a somewhat wonky relationship with the larger DC Universe over the years, but the supernatural elements of the character have frequently tied him to DC characters with a more supernatural bent. The Sandman's (two versions of) Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman) have already set up a potential link of sorts with Reeves's Constantine.

Bringing Reeves’s Constantine into The Sandman season 2 would arguably be the trickiest to pull off with the amount of retconning and rewriting needed to seamlessly fit his version of the character into the show. Nonetheless, it would still be doable, with Reeves’s version possibly re-imagined as having prior ties to Johanna. By the same token, Reeves's John Constantine could also be introduced as an ally or even mentor of Johanna Constantine, which could build a stronger bridge between The Sandman and Constantine.

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Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is another movie on the docket for the DCU’s chapter one, and is another place where Reeves’s Constantine could make an appearance. Swamp Thing's comic book origins have been in various theatrical and television adaptations before (both live-action and animated), but his inclusion as one of the major projects of the DCU’s first chapter indicates his significance to the overall 10-year plan. What’s more, Swamp Thing meeting Constantine would be a no-brainer, especially with Logan director James Mangold already on board.

Like Constantine, Swamp Thing’s status as a dark DC character battling supernatural threats could easily facilitate Reeves’s Constantine making either a cameo in the film, or even having a full-blown supporting role. Additionally, there is a good chance that Swamp Thing itself could be the basis for a larger, ensemble project, and an appearance by Reeves’s Constantine could set up the building blocks for it even more.

Justice League Dark

The fourth place where Reeves’s Constantine could appear in Gunn’s DCU would be a possible Justice League Dark movie or show. Swamp Thing increases the team's likelihood of being part of Gunn's DCU plans, due to Swamp Thing being a core member of the Justice League Dark. Constantine is also a known member of the Justice League Dark, and bringing Reeves’s version of the character into the team could even be a way to more readily sell audiences on a less mainstream DC team of darker heroes.

Attempts to produce a Justice League Dark project have seen many false starts at WB over the years, most recently in J.J. Abrams's unrealized Justice League Dark show. If Reeves's Constantine were to first team-up with Swamp Thing with the two then helping to form the Justice League Dark, Abrams's concept for the show could potentially be modified and revived under Gunn's DCU plans. Moreover, another unrealized Justice League Dark project could also finally come to fruition by way of Reeves' Constantine joining the DCU. Namely, that of Guillermo del Toro.

Del Toro had unsuccessfully tried to get a Justice League Dark movie off the ground (one of 17 unmade Guillermo del Toro movies), but the team’s revival in the DCU could open the door for del Toro to come back for another shot. With the added hook of Reeves returning as John Constantine, a Justice League Dark movie could be significantly more marketable. Del Toro himself might even be an ideal pick to helm Justice League Dark in Gunn's DCU, with the director's past work on Blade II, Pacific Rim, Hellboy, and Pan's Labyrinth exemplifying his talent for horror, fantasy, and superheroes with a darker edge.

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The advantage that Gunn's DCU plans have with respect to Reeves's Constantine is the flexibility afforded to his return, due to the timeframe of Constantine's (arguably a decade too early) release. Constantine 2 as a purely standalone DC Elseworlds movie has plenty of freedom to continue where its predecessor left off and act as more of a Joker-style one-shot story. Reeves's Constantine 2 being worked into either Sandman or the DCU could also bring some comic book world-building into his story. Whichever route he ends up going, Reeves's Constantine comeback has a great deal of potential to continue building the DC multiverse.

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