This article contains spoilers from the first episode of EastEnders set to air on Thursday (July 11) which has not yet been shown on TV but is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

Recent EastEnders scenes have confirmed the exit of a major character amid a devastating death storyline.

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) recently discovered the tragic news that his mother had passed away when he was a child, after dad Stevie Mitchell (Alan Ford) finally came clean about what had really happened.

Stevie explained that Billy’s mum had died by suicide after finding out that he had been having an affair, leaving Billy absolutely heartbroken.

Though Billy was completely done with his dad’s lies, brother Teddy Mitchell (Roland Manookian) encouraged him to hear Stevie out, insisting that he would just keep coming back if he didn’t.

As the trio sat down in the Queen Vic, Stevie admitted that he had been scared of losing Billy again if he’d told him the truth earlier.

He revealed that getting to know his grandchildren had been the best time of his life, and he revealed that he was proud of both of his sons.

After leaving Billy and Teddy to it, Stevie headed out into the Square, where he soon fell into a confrontation with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

The pair began to argue about their parenting, with Stevie insisting that as much as Phil disliked how Stevie’s relationship with Billy had turned out, he wasn’t one to judge when it came to his relationship with his own kids.

Amid the row, Stevie managed to swipe Phil’s car keys, and decided to embark on one last adventure with Mo Harris (Laila Morse).

Together, the pair stole Phil’s car and sold it for an extortionate price. However, neither of them were going to keep the money.

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Having decided to wave goodbye to Albert Square after finally accepting that Billy wanted nothing to do with him, Stevie asked for some time to say goodbye to Will and Janet.

As he said his farewells, he hid the envelope of cash in Billy’s living room, where it would later be found by an emotional Billy.

After giving Mo a kiss goodbye, Stevie drove off in the back of a black cab – a classic East End exit.

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