Emmerdale is set to air a dramatic scene next week that could hint at the downfall of villainous Tom King (played by James Chase). The abusive character, who has been tormenting his wife for months, may finally get his comeuppance in a shocking twist.

The soap has confirmed a storyline involving coercive control, with Tom isolating and manipulating his wife Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper). Recently, he's become violent, leading Belle to terminate her pregnancy secretly, fearing Tom would force her to keep the baby.

A new teaser reveals Belle confessing her secret to someone, marking the first time she opens up about her lie regarding a miscarriage. This confession leads to a significant realisation about her marriage.

Belle confides in her Mental Health Care Coordinator Rachel, whose concern grows as she learns more about Belle's situation. Rachel seems to understand Tom's behaviour and advises Belle to take a break from the village.

In a previous scene, Belle avoids Rachel after an unexpected visit but eventually admits to having had an abortion, not a miscarriage.

Belle's confession sparks concern for Rachel, leading to the discovery of Tom's manipulative behaviour.

This could be the wake-up call Belle needed to recognise Tom's inappropriate behaviour, potentially sealing his downfall. This comes as fans worry that Belle's error might expose her lie.

Could Rachel finally convince Belle to leave the village and in turn expose manipulative Tom?

In the most recent episode, she drove to the hospital, purchased a parking ticket, and waited in the car. She then consumed the remaining tablets and waited before inviting Tom to join her at home.

Belle timed it so that the parking ticket would corroborate her story of visiting the hospital and staying there before returning home, hoping to convince Tom that she had seen a doctor.

Upon returning home, she broke down in tears, telling Tom she had miscarried.

However, Belle failed to realise that the parking ticket from her clinic visit was still in the car. As Tom was seen in the vehicle at the end of the episode, the camera focused on the ticket now lying on the floor - but will he discover it?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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