Abbie Chatfield's former Hit Network co-host Rohan Edwards is finally speaking out after his shock departure from the show.

Rohan was the long time co-host of Abbie's Hot Nights radio show until April, when he abruptly quit the program under mysterious circumstances.

Addressing his exit on Instagram on Monday, Rogan wrote: 'I should've probably said something earlier. But thank you to the people who have messaged me with love and checked up on ya boy over the last couple of months.

'Life out of radio has been pretty weird and I've had a million different emotions about everything,' he continued.

'But it's also been really refreshing and things are on the up.'

Rohan then said he was looking for a complete career change moving forward.

'I'm getting really excited about the idea of doing something new and finding another passion,' he shared.

'I'm not finished. I haven't stopped creating, and I'm still driven to succeed.' 

The post was flooded with supportive comments, including one from fellow radio personality Nic Kelly, who briefly took over Rohan's slot after his bizarre departure.

'Love you mate. Go get ‘em big horse x,' Kelly wrote.

Much like Edwards, Kelly also quit Abbie's Hot Nights show abruptly, leading Abbie to say that she'd been 'dumped again' during a candid on-air admission.

In April, a spokesperson for Southern Cross Australia said Edwards was leaving to pursue his own projects and would not be drawn into rumours of a feud with Chatfield.

But Edwards has seemingly confirmed there is bad blood between the two, sharing a cryptic Instagram post taking aim at people trying to hold him back.

The broadcaster and DJ shared a meme that read, 'Quit hanging out with people who don't want you to win' - in a message many Instagram sleuths suspected was aimed at Chatfield.

'No one's sure what's going on. Abbie seems to get along well with Rohan on the air, but people are wondering if things aren't so rosy behind the scenes,' a source said at the time. 

Edwards had followed Hot Nights' founding executive producer Max Corstorphan out the door. 

No reason was given for Corstorphan's departure several weeks earlier. 

Meanwhile, Abbie is currently busy hosting her new Binge reality series Fboy Island while balancing her roles on Hot Nights and her It's a Lot podcast.  

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