Roman Kemp has spoken out after he was slammed for saying his dad Martin had no friends.

The radio personality and TV host previously made waves when he said last year that his father, Spandau Ballet legend and actor Martin Kemp, "does not have one friend". Speaking to Radio Times, Roman, 31, described his father's life as "lonely" and highlighted that Martin's "favourite person" is his wife, Shirlie Kemp. However, after receiving flak for his remarks, Roman has now addressed the issue in an interview with Closer magazine.

Roman explained: "I've gotten a lot of stick because I ended up saying that my dad has no friends, which he doesn't. But it goes back to that thing of, 'What is your happiness in life?" He initially commented on the loneliness that can accompany fame but was careful to note that it wasn't meant to be a "sob story for famous people."

Roman had observed that his dad chose his lifestyle after being let down by many he thought were trustworthy. A mental health advocate, Roman has been open about his own struggles, including a 16-year battle with depression and ADD. He shared his journey through the BBC documentary, Roman Kemp: The Fight For Young Lives, and candidly admitted that medication has "changed" his life, a revelation he also shared on The One Show.

He remarked: "But I need to think, 'Has it positively changed my life, and does it continue to do so? ' And the answer is 'Yes', so why should I change? I have tried to come off Sertraline (an antidepressant), but I have realised that way of life is not for me. The only time where I have had real suicidal and intrusive thoughts has been when I came off it cold turkey."

Roman, who is optimistic about what lies ahead, considers ADD to be a "great power" as it can make you "so determined" to overcome it. The glitz and glamour of showbiz seem to be a good fit for the TV personality, even though he sometimes battles with "imposter syndrome" and faces comments about being a "nepo baby" due to his well-known parents.

Boasting a circle of famous pals like Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, and ex-neighbour Niall Horan, Roman also shared that he occasionally gets encouraging messages from Bradley Walsh over the phone. Despite his concerns about the cutthroat nature of the entertainment world, Roman's biggest fear is missing out on fatherhood, which he describes as the "biggest thing".

He disclosed: "I even went to have a sperm check when I was 30. I honestly think I'm such a family person. I'm so grateful for the life that I've been able to have growing up... I couldn't think of anything better."

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