Shirlie and Martin Kemp were in a disagreement on this Saturday's Celebrity Antiques Roadshow.

The eighties pop stars went head to head as they toured the West Country alongside show experts Margie Cooper and James Braxton in an attempt to make the most money at auction this Saturday, June 22. Both pairs splashed the cash in good spirits but minutes into the show, as Martin announced his plans to go "smooching around the shops" with Margie, Shirlie was quick to reprimand her other half and point out his mistake.

"Me and Marge, I reckon, are just going to have a little smooch around the shops", Martin started, to which a startled Shirlie responded: "a what? You're not smooching with Marge! Mooching!"

Martin stood his ground: "smooching around the shops means having a look around!" But he eventually realised his wife was correct: "you will definitely not be smooching", she added. And a playful Martin quipped: "well, you never know!" While the spat was quickly resolved, with the couple still as strong as during their early days in the late 1980s, another mishap caused Shirlie to accuse Martin of "sabotaging" her.

The blunder came moments later after Shirlie settled on two mirrored sconces which she had stocked in the boot of their Ferrari. When Martin grabbed one of them out of the boot, however, the Wham! star was appalled to watch it break in his hands. "You did that on purpose (...) I think you're sabotaging me", Shirlie lamented as Martin defended himself saying: "It just fell off." But there again, the pair were quick to de-escalate the disagreement.

Martin Kemp first set eyes on Shirlie Holliman when he paid his parents a visit and switched on their TV. "I remember being around my mum and dad's, my back was up against the sofa because I was sitting on the floor, watching Thursday night Top Of The Pops and Wham! came on", he once told The Daily Mirror.

At the time, Shirlie was a backing singer for the group and one-half of the 1980's pop duo, Pepsi and Shirlie. "I saw Shirlie on there and absolutely fell in love through the television. You know, you fall into that bubble where you can't think of anything else. And that's how it was for me for a couple of weeks until we finally met", Martin recalled.

The feeling had been mutual for Shirlie: "I saw you in a magazine. I just got that feeling, I think I've fallen in love. That's how my crush started. After that, you starred in my dreams for a long time." Knowing how keen his pal Martin was on Shirlie, George Michael slipped on Cupid's bow and arrow by arranging a meeting, during which the Spandau Ballet bassist left his number - but Shirlie was too nervous to call him.

"I thought he might be out of my league", Shirlie admitted. "I left his number in my pocket for ages. George was like, 'I just don't understand why you're not calling him.' I told him it was intimidating to call him. I mean, he was – he is – just so gorgeous. It was George who called Martin in the end. We were in his bedroom, and he picked up the phone, dialled the number and just gave me the phone. I was in at the deep end by then."

Shirlie eventually tied the knot with the man of her dreams in 1988 and never looked back. The pair welcomed a daughter, Harley, a year after their nuptials and a boy, Roman, in 1993.

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