Jay Blades finally broke his silence on Saturday following his shock marriage split from estranged wife Lisa Marie Zbozen.

The Repair Shop star, 54, fondlY marked Windrush Day as he took to his Instagram page with a very heartfelt message.

He graced his followers' feed as the BBC alum came back on the platform following a social media break.

Jay paid a tribute to his beloved grandmother and great aunt who both belonged to the Windrush Generation which bravely came all the way from Barbados to England.

He penned the lengthy message: 'I’ve taken a pause from social media and I’ve decided to come back on this day. 

'Today is a celebration of the Windrush Generation as my Grandmother and my Great Aunt took that journey from Barbados to England. I don’t know if they understood the impact that they would have, in helping to rebuild the nation after the Second World War.

'I wanted to pay homage to all of the Windrush Generation, and say a very BIG thank you. The Windrush Generation holds a significant place in the history of the United Kingdom.

'Arriving from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971, these individuals, including my grandmother, came to the UK to help rebuild the nation after World War II. Their contributions were instrumental in shaping modern British society, bringing cultural diversity, enriching the workforce, and influencing various facets of daily life.

He continued gushing proudly over his ancestors: 'Despite facing challenges and discrimination, the resilience and determination of the Windrush Generation have left an indelible legacy. 

'They not only contributed to the economic growth of the UK but also brought vibrant cultural influences that have become integral to British identity. 

'The courage and perseverance of my Grandmother and her peers are a testament to their enduring spirit and significant impact on the nation’s fabric and also to me.

'From the Bottom Of My Heart, I Just Want To Say Thank You ❤️,' Jay finished up emotionally.

Jay was seen back on the set of The Repair Shop for the first time earlier this month since his shock marriage split.

He returned to work as he was spotted without his wedding ring on after his wife Lisa announced in May that the couple had split.

It was announced that Jay would be taking time away from TV in light of the split, however it seems he's seemingly been permitted by the BBC to resume work.

He looked delighted to be back with the crew as he beamed in snaps while filming scenes at the Bournemouth set.

Sources close to the production reportedly told Click News, that his presence back on set has brought back a sense of 'normalcy' after he took time away from the show.

Lisa walked out on Jay last month, saying their 18-month marriage 'just got worse and worse, until I grabbed a bag of a few things and I left'.

It came soon after the murder of his uncle who tragically died in April.

Taking to Instagram, Lisa announced her split from the TV star who she married in November 2022, in an emotional post.

She said: 'I have been quiet until now, but the papers seem to be picking up this story, but some parts have been definitely missed, so it's forced my hand...

'This was the whole post on a private forum: I don't know how to say this because it's still really raw.

'I probably should be really angry but I'm just incredibly sad about the whole thing right now. I don't think I've ever cried so much.

'I wanted my husband to love me & keep me safe, and I would love him right back, but it just got worse and worse, until I grabbed a bag of a few thing's & I just left. Anyway, That's why there's been no new wkouts [workouts].'

In another post, she said: 'I will admit I'm crying as I type this as I can't believe this is even real. I hope you don't mind if I just have a few days trying to figure out my life as I'm currently in a spare room with a few essentials.

'I don't know what else to say. All my love, A very broken Lisa-Marie x.'

It all came as Jay was expected to be back filming the hugely-popular BBC show The Repair Shop but had reportedly been absent on set.

MailOnline revealed that Jay would be 'given the time' he needed to deal with personal issues impacting his life.

Amid reports that Jay had thrown BBC's The Repair Shop filming into chaos, a source has confirmed to MailOnline that the presenter is being 'given the space' he needs to get 'his head straight'.

The insider said: 'Jay is a much-loved member of the team on The Repair Shop. It is a really close-knit group, who are like a family.

'Jay will be given the time he needs to deal with things and sort out what he needs to get sorted.

'He's been through a really difficult time with his uncle and now he is having to deal with the breakdown of his marriage.

'The BBC fully expect Jay to return but they won't be rushing or pushing him to come back before he is ready and he'll be given the space to sort things out and get his head straight.'

Reports recently suggested that the Christmas special of the Repair Shop was in jeopardy due to Jay's absence.

But MailOnline later understood that this was not the case and with Jay back filming it seems the show's filming schedule has resumed.

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