While the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has not yet concluded, it feels like a life-time ago little Meredith Grey entered the halls at Seattle Grace Hospital as an intern – 19 years ago to be precise.

In 2005, the pilot episode released where we met the Grey’s Anatomy OG characters including Meredith, Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey, Alex Karev, Derek Sheperd, Cristina Yang, Isobel Stevens and George O’Malley.

Grey’s Anatomy will be releasing its 20th season in March 2024. Given the countless characters and cast members who have found themselves on set of Grey’s Anatomy, is it only necessary TV Week recounts where these cast members are now.

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Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey

Fresh faced Meredith Grey walked into Seattle Grace hospital as an intern, discovering the man she slept with, Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy, was her superior.

In September 2018, Ellen confessed to Entertainment Weekly that she had “played this out for everything that I possibly could.”

“I’ve given it 200 percent of my energy and my love and my time and my commitment and my dedication… I still care very much about the show, and I think that it takes a lot of energy. So at some point I have to wrap it up.”

However, the actress seemed to have a change of heart a month later when she suggested to Ellen DeGeneres that she would be staying on the show.

“And, you know, these numbers — there’s just no end in sight with streaming, and the show is so popular. I gotta keep doing it, man, because we’re touching lives and making a difference.”

In 2023, Ellen bid farewell to the series, telling Drew Barrymore: “Listen, it’s just, I gotta mix it up a little bit.”

Following her leave, Ellen moved on to star and produce Hulu limited series based on the 2009 horror film Orphan.

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang held a special place in fan’s hearts as the highly intelligent, no-nonsense intern who would do anything to succeed – and it was this ambition that made her incredible to watch.

Cristina left the hospital for a medical research institute in Switzerland in season ten. Sandra left it was time to pursue other opportunities, in which she then received her second Golden Globe Award for her performance in Killing Eve.

Following her departure, Sandra revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in 2014 that she would be open to returning to Grey’s Anatomy for its finale.

“I told [Shonda], “If you guys want to finish it out however you want to finish it out, I’d be more than happy to come back,” she said. “And if it doesn’t fit in that way, I totally understand. I just want you to know that I’m available. Who knows! I might be doing something fabulous, and it might not work out, but I did say, ‘Yes, of course, I would.'”

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery Shepard

Addison strutted into the hospital determined to save her marriage with Derek – to Meredith’s disappointment. While we wanted McDreamy and Meredith to be together, Addison earned a place in everyone’s heart.

After a failed attempt to save her marriage, Addison left and got her own spin-off, Private Practice which ran for six seasons.

Kate was very successful following her Grey’s role as she went on to star in Emily in Paris, The Umbrella Academy, 13 Reasons Why and Fargo.

Katherine Heigl as Isobel Stevens

Through hard work and her stunning appearance, Izzie worked hard to pay her way through medical school and become an intern. It was a life full of twist and turns for Izzy, who later developed brain cancer and left the show after season six.

Katherine’s departure from the show was incredibly rocky, and reportedly unintentionally burned bridges after withdrawing her name from an Emmy nomination feeling she wasn’t “given the material to warrant” a nomination.

Following her exit, Katherine starred on Suits, Killers, New Year’s Eve, One for the Money and many more.

Dubbed 007 for his license to kill, George was a kind-hearted boy completely head over heels for Meredith.

His death was arguably one of the more brutal character deaths to ever happen on Grey’s Anatomy. When the badly injured and unrecognisable patient was brought into the hospital, it broke everyone’s heart when the ‘unidentifiable’ man scribbled 007…

After five years, George left the show but made a shock return in December 2020 for an episode.

T.R. went on to star in The Good Wife, The Catch, Genius: Einstein and Genius: Picasso.

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd

Very quickly, Derek Shepherd received the nickname Dr McDreamy after what was supposed to be a one-night stand.

In one of the most heartbreaking moments on Grey’s, Derek was hit by a car while helping the victims of a crash.

Speaking of his death, writer Shonda Rhimes said: “Meredith and Derek’s love had to remain Meredith and Derek’s love. As painful as it was for me as a storyteller, because I had never really thought that was going to happen, it preserved what felt true to me, which was that Derek was going to have to die in order for that love to remain honest.”

Patrick, however, has starred in Disenchanted, Bridget Jone’s Baby, Sweet Home Alabama, Valentine’s Day and more. In 2023, he was made People’s Sexiest Man Alive!

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev

Alex started as an over-confident intern with little care for others emotional well-being, but he grew in viewers hearts as he developed – confronted by some major storylines.

After 16 seasons, Justin exited the medical drama in 2020.

“There’s no good time to say goodbye to a show and character that’s defined so much of my life for the past 15 years,” he said in a 2020 statement to Deadline.

“For some time now, however, I have hoped to diversify my acting roles and career choices. And, as I turn 50 and am blessed with my remarkable, supportive wife and five wonderful children, now is that time.”

Following his departure, Justin starred in the TV mini series, The Offer in 2022.

No-nonsense Dr. Bailey was one of the most brilliant minds at the hospital. Thankfully for viewers, Chandra had no plans to depart the series.

“I used to say, ‘I’m there until the wheels fall off until the very, very end, and it can’t last that much longer, right?’ And then we keep going,” she told People. “For now, I’m challenging myself to be there until the very last episode, the very last day, the very last scene.”

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