Amid widespread media reports claiming that longtime “Wheel of Fortune” star Vanna White has considered quitting the show over frustrations with “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, the letter-turning legend has subtly shared her two cents on the matter.

On July 9, 2024, White posted a social media photo of herself dining and smiling with Seacrest, her new co-host since he took over for Pat Sajak, who retired from the show in June after 41 years.

“Friends on and off camera,” White captioned the photo, sparking lots of reactions from fans. “Enjoying one of our favorites, Chicken and Dumplings!”

Fans React to Vanna White Calling Her & Ryan Seacrest ‘Friends’

White’s post was instantly seen by fans as a response to the rampant rumors about her frustrations with Seacrest. In mid-June, the Daily Mail reported that an “insider source” said that White, 67, was finding it impossible to “jibe” with Seacrest, 49, and that she was considering quitting the show over it.

“It is just so difficult to do this without Pat,” the source was quoted as telling the site, and lots of other media outlets picked up the story and ran with it.

Adding fuel to the fire, Closer Weekly reported on July 4 that an unnamed source said White “isn’t a huge fan of Ryan so far,” adding that after years of working with Sajak, co-hosting with Seacrest “feels forced, and she doesn’t want loyal viewers and her longtime fans to pick up on that.”

But after seeing White’s assertion that she’s friends with Seacrest, fans have expressed frustration about the widespread rumors, with many saying they’re relieved to hear straight from White that she has a good rapport with him.

One person commented, “I’m so glad to hear that you are friends already! 😊💕”

Another wrote, “I don’t think i can believe anything I read in the news anymore!!! Last week I read that they can’t stand each other, and she is thinking about retiring because she doesn’t like how Ryan does the show🤷‍♀️they look happy here”

One relieved viewer weighed in, “🥰🥰 aww this makes me so happy”

“Great Vanna,” another approving fan offered. “Good way to build rapport and chemistry with your new co worker. I know he will lean on you big time for support. Miss u can’t wait for the new season.”

Seacrest, who loves to cook and often shares his latest dishes on social media, also commented on White’s post, too, writing, “Always a treat! Here’s to more fun moments and delicious bites 🥟!”

Ryan Seacrest Has Maintained That He & Vanna White Have Had a Good Rapport From the Start

Sajak’s retirement and the New York Times announcement that Seacrest would replace him came in June 2023, but it took several months for White to iron out a two-year contract, agreeing to stay on the show alongside Seacrest.

Since news broke of her continuing with the game show, she and Seacrest have had nothing but kind things to say about each other. Shortly after her contract signing, White appeared on Seacrest’s former TV talk show, now called “Live With Kelly and Mark,” and told host Kelly Ripa that she’d talked and texted with her new co-host, and that he was “so nice and so excited.”

That September, Seacrest told Entertainment Night that they’d sent each other “just the most pleasant texts,” and then added, “She’s super sweet and super nice and it’s just going to be surreal for me to be on that set. And of course standing next to the legendary Vanna White.”

In February, the duo filmed their first promos together in Hawaii, per videos obtained by TMZ, with bystanders reporting that the two seemed to genuinely have fun together.

“She’s incredible,” Seacrest told “Entertainment Tonight” in April. “It’s been so much fun. I was with her a few days ago, so I know how she likes her coffee, I know she uses a Mr. Coffee machine, I know some of her favorite music. This is good stuff!”

“We met over 10 years ago,” he added, and said that as soon as the “American Idol” season 22 finale aired in mid-May, he would start filming his first “Wheel of Fortune” episodes with White. Season 42 of the game show is scheduled to debut in September.

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