During one of Taylor Swift's latest gigs, fans were treated to a tender moment when Travis Kelce was spotted tightly holding her whilst she left the stadium, The Alchemy softly resonating at the backdrop.

As Taylor concluded her marathon three-hour performance at Wembley - during which she wrote a cheeky message to Prince William - her supportive boyfriend was seen firmly by her side, his arm securely wrapped around her as they made their exit.

It seemed a family affair as they left, with Taylor's publicist Tree paving the way and her dad bringing up the rear, ensuring the pop diva's safe departure from the crowded concert.

The Alchemy is a beloved slower song from her eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department; a jewel that sees the 34-year-old crooner describe a love that comes "once every few lifetimes", thought by many to reference her present relationship.

Swifties managed to capture various perspectives of their exit with viral TikTok videos showcasing this moment. Numerous fans were swooning over their relationship and expressing their happiness for the couple.

One fan commented: "Knew he wouldn't let her leave alone. These videos never get old."

Another excitedly pointed out, "The Alchemy playing! ! ! " A third chimed in with, "Omg I'll take it! ! ! ! He goes and gets her and just holds her tight. I'm sure he's so proud of her and so happy to be with her."

Kansas City Chief's tight-end Travis Kelce attended the event in support of his girlfriend along with his brother Jason Kelce and sister-in-law Kylie Kelce. Earlier that night, an adorable moment was caught on camera where the NFL star was seen in the crowd singing and gesturing towards Taylor during her hit track 'Lover'.

In the clip, Travis, adorned with colourful friendship bracelets, swaps finger-points between himself and his love on stage during the "You're my, my, my, my" part of the song.

Friday evening marked the commencement of Taylor's three gigs set at Wembley Stadium, with five more scheduled to take place in August. The sell-out concerts are expected to host nearly 640,000 fans.

Having kickstarted her UK tour in Edinburgh earlier this month, the 'Bad Blood' artist has entertained fans in Liverpool and Cardiff prior to this performance.

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