After more than a week of Hoda Kotb's absence, Today show viewers are learning what's going on with the beloved host.

Since the NBC journalist's last appearance on February 20, fans have voiced concerns over where Hoda could be as other anchors like Willie Geist, Sheinelle Jones and Tom Llamas have stepped in for her. But during the third hour segment on March 1, Craig Melvin updated folks by explaining that she took time off to take care of a personal situation.

"We mentioned that Savannah [Guthrie] and Hoda are both off," he said on the show. "Savannah, she's home after a positive COVID test yesterday... As for Hoda, we know a lot of you have been wondering how she's doing."

He continued: "We can tell you that Hoda's OK. She's got a family health matter that she's been dealing with, so we look forward to seeing Hoda and Savannah back at the desk real, real soon."

When word spread about what caused the Emmy Award-winning co-anchor to step back from her daytime job, fans immediately reached out to her with words of encouragement on social media.

"We miss you Hoda 🙏! Hoping everything is okay! Your laughter is so contagious that you are so deeply missed!" one fan wrote on Instagram. "Prayers for Hoda and family! Thank you for the update," another added."❤️ Good thoughts, good vibes and lots of prayers sent y’alls way!!!" a different user wished for her.

Despite not personally commenting on what's going on behind the scenes, Hoda is updating her followers in her own way. Over the last week, she posted pictures to her Instagram featuring words of inspiration. In her most recent post, ;from February 27, her followers saw a photo of clouds in the sky alongside the phrase, "Choose Hope."

It's also important to note that TV isn't the only thing Hoda is taking time off from. As Deadline reported, she also hasn't updated her podcast Making Space with new episodes since February 20.

We're sending Hoda all of our love and we hope to see her back on the air very soon.

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