Love Island USA fans were left disappointed with last night's episode as Nicole Jacky and Kendall Washington made their way to the Hideaway.

The couple managed to fight off any temptation in Casa Amor and stayed faithful to each other in the recoupling. The loved-up pair were then chosen to go in the Hideaway for the first time this season.

The Hideaway gives couples the chance to enjoy each other's company without being seen by the other cast members. While Kendall and Nicole seemed to have a great time, viewers were left fast-forwarding through as they begged producers to focus on the drama of movie night.

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"They really wasted an entire episode showing us the hideaway that no one wanted to see just to cliffhang MOVIE NIGHT," one fan fumed on X. Another pleaded: "I really could care less about Kendall and Nicole in the hideaway. Move this episode along please. lol."

Over on Reddit, one viewer said: "Don’t nobody care about Nicole and Kendall in the hideaway," while another commented: "We'll all be fast forwarding." A fifth fan questioned: "Who tf has ever cared about anyone going in the hideaway??? it’s like the cringiest part of the entire show."

Luckily, viewers were given a preview of the drama to come after the movie night fallout. While Aaron Evans thought all had been forgiven following his time in Casa Amor with Daniela Ortiz-Rivera, movie night proved otherwise.

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In a preview for Thursday's episode, movie night continued and showed Aaron and Daniela sharing a kiss. The girls were shocked and Kaylor was left in floods of tears.

While showing Aaron's poker face, Kaylor was heard saying, "I respected you so much. F---." Aaron was then seen walking away from the other boys as he took his mic off and left the villa.

Fans have already started speculating about whether he will return. "aaron walking out for thursdays night preview.. acting so sad GOODBYE WE DONT WANT YOU HERE!!" one person said. Another wrote: "aaron leaving the villa and throwing his mic on the floor in the preview DONT COME BACK LOLS."

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