Joe Rogan has declared himself a huge Kanye West fan and has touched on 'the madness inside of him' which he believes has lead him to being a highly successful artist. Rogan had West on his podcast in 2020, where the rapper barely let the host speak throughout the three hours, going on numerous incoherent rants in an infamous episode.

The podcast was criticized by many listeners, as West discussed topics such as abortion, racism, medication and religion.

The musician has since gone on to become highly controversial over the past few years, infamously praising Adolf Hitler, publicly denying the Holocaust and even identifying as a Nazi on one Alex Jones podcast. West was also seen wearing a 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt just weeks after the aforementioned podcast.

But despite his controversies, and while not agreeing with many of his stances, Rogan has continued to admit that he's a huge fan of West, stating that he loves his new album while recalling their podcast together.

Speaking on a recent edition of his Joe Rogan Experience show, the UFC commentator recalled West dominating the conversation and being angry for him interjecting.

He said: "There was moments when I was talking and he was like..." as Rogan shook his head impersonating West being mad at him for not allowing him to continue to speak.

"He has so much to say! I mean... that madness inside of him is why his ------- songs are bangers. They are just banger after banger.

"His new album (Vultures) is amazing. It's amazing, dude. We play it in the green room all the time.

"In all my Spotify playlists, there is more Kanye in there than anything."

After his podcast with West in 2020, where Rogan met him for the first time, he said: "I think it's better to have him in a setting such as this. If you don't like what he said in a 30-second soundbite, guess what, he probably doesn't either. His head is just constantly streaming ideas... that is why he can boil these thoughts down and put it into some amazing songs."

West is set to release a follow-up album to Vultures, alongside fellow rapper TY Dolla $ign, later this year.

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