It's not every day Kelly Clarkson gets called out on her own show, but leave it to Simu Liu to share his honest thoughts on her vocals.

Simu was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show on May 22, promoting his Netflix movie Atlas. As he sat down for an interview with Kelly, the two got to discussing music and Kelly's song covers as part of her opening Kellyoke segment.

When Kelly joked how she must be annoying with the plethora of tunes she's sung throughout five seasons of hosting the NBC daytime show, Simu couldn't help but be sassy about how amazing she is as a singer.

"I sing a lot. I'm like annoying," Kelly told Simu in a clip posted on YouTube. "I'm like a walking musical."

"You are annoying, in that you're annoyingly talented and you do the best covers and you make it so that the artists can never sing the song ever again!" Simu exasperatedly responded as Kelly bent over laughing. "They're so good."

When a video of the hilarious exchange eventually wound up on Instagram, fans immediately sided with Simu and agreed with his blunt thoughts about Kelly's extraordinary musical covers.

"I love that even celebrities know about Kelly covering songs," one person commented. "Kelly clapping after the 'you are annoying' comment 😂," a different follower added. "Kelly wondering how she won Idol has me 😂 😂😂 #humblequeen," a third wrote.

If Simu's unfiltered thoughts about Kelly's music prove anything, it's that no one can deny just how great she is as an artist. As for Simu's love of music, fans may remember he released an EP titled Anxious-Avoidant in November 2023. He also released music videos for his songs "Don't" and "Warm."

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