Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has offered Taylor Swift the chance to collaborate together on a future project.

Taylor is currently on an international tour playing in countries including Australia and Singapore. But now her Eras Tour has taken her to London where she has been playing at Wembley Stadium. Rivers, 54, first met Taylor back in 2009 when he was brought in for the Band Hero commercial, alongside Pete Wentz and Travis Barker.

And according to the musician, everyone "fell in love with her." At the time, Taylor reportedly hailed Rivers as one of her "musical heroes". And it seems Rivers is open to the prospect of collaborating with her. In an interview with NME, when asked if he had ever discussed a collaboration, he replied: "No, we’ve never talked about that. That never occurred to me. If she ever wants to make a rock album, I’d love to help out! I have a feeling that I would get the call from Miley Cyrus first though! [Laughs] That would be very cool."

Speaking about the commercial, which saw the singer perform her track Love Story, Rivers, Pete and Travis accompanied her wearing shirts and boxer shorts. And this was in homage to the iconic film Risky Business, starring Tom Cruise who dances around in his underwear. In the same interview, he continued: "I was a teenager when the movie Risky Business came out, so the scene of Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear was iconic and influential for my generation, so to be able to recreate it with a handful of other huge stars was a huge honour. Taylor Swift was so gracious and everyone fell in love with her when she came in the room and started talking to us. She was just like a natural-born leader."

Another person who is a staunch supporter of Taylor is none other than her boyfriend, American footballer Travis Kelce. The sportsman was spotted having the time of his life at Taylor's concert on June 21, alongside his brother Jason and sister-in-law Kylie. The moment was caught on video by an avid fan who told her TikTok followers she felt "embarrassed" but compelled to capture Travis rocking out to a number of Taylor's tracks. Replying to a message from a fan who asked if they had any more footage to post, the TikTok user said: "I got so embarrassed every time he saw me filming him."

In one part of the clip, Travis is seen singing along to one of her songs word for word as he smiles in Taylor's direction on stage. Taylor has been performing to a sell-out crowd in Wembley as part of her international tour. She has already performed in countries such as Singapore, Australia, France and Argentina. In another part of the clip, Travis is then seen whispering something in his brother's ear, but it didn't look as though there was much acknowledgement as his brother seemed too busy fiddling around with a wristband.

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