Kevin Bacon left his fans completely gobsmacked after he gifted them with a seductive photo on his 66th birthday.

In a July 8 post, the birthday boy is seen lying on a boulder with his black hooded jacket fully unzipped, showing off his toned physique.

While some fans say he’s the “sexiest 66 alive,” and “looks like 50,” others suggest he’s “slowly showing” his age. Keep reading to learn why Kevin Bacon is showing the world that 66 is the new 50!

Kevin Bacon, synonymous with the 1984’s musical-drama Footloose, surprised the world in his breakthrough role that allowed him to showcase his wicked dance moves.

For the past 40 years, Bacon has been a staple in Hollywood since earning scores of fans as Ren, the teenager from the city who disrupts a small town that’s banned music and dancing. The box office hit features touchstone songs from the 1980s, like “Let’s Hear it for the Boy,” “Holding out for a Hero” and the titular song, “Footloose,” performed by Kenny Loggins.

‘Bacon still sizzles’

And though the father of two is now in his late 60’s, he is shockingly limber.

In November 2023, celebrating the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the Hollow Man star recreated his iconic dance moves from Footloose in the barn by his home, 39 years after first performing the dance in the 1984 classic.

In the clip, he’s seen in the doorway of the barn, backlit by the sun and his silhouette swiftly sweeping across the wooden floors of the barn.

Since the Footloose clip was shared, it’s hit the eyes of almost 4 million people on Facebook and Instagram.

One fan writes, “An entire generation was just celebrating over this video!” while another adds, “Bacon still sizzles.”

A third jokes, “How many times can you watch this before fading into full-on creep status. Asking for a friend, [obviously].”

A fourth says what we all are thinking: “Kevin bacon is one freakin’ cool dude and guy.”

‘Bacon’s #1 fan’

On July 8, the actor celebrated his 66th birthday with a special message from “Bacon’s #1 fan,” actor Kyra Sedgwick, whom he married in 1988.

“If you were to ask me about bacon, I would say bacon can be a delicious part of a balanced breakfast,” The Closer star pens over a series of images, the last showing the two in a loving embrace. “But if you asked me on a deeper level I would say, (Kevin) Bacon is the love of my life, my only one, Happy birthday!”

Fans jumped in praising the adorable couple: “Because of You and Kevin, I can still believe in TRUE LOVE, and that it can last a lifetime,” writes one. A second adds, “You two inspire me and my hubby to show up as our best [selves] and love each other unconditionally. Happy birthday, Kevin. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message, Kyra”

‘You don’t age’

Meanwhile, on Bacon’s social media, fans are treated to a sultry photo of the birthday boy, who’s seen lying on a giant boulder, his long-sleeved black hooded jacket unzipped, and his hot 66-year-old body exposed.

“This is 66,” he captions the post.

Gushing over the image, fans – the majority saying, “you don’t age” – offered their “happy birthday” wishes to the “stud.”

“I still see a young Kevin Bacon, happy birthday” offers one netizen, who emphasizes her birthday wishes with two heart emojis.

A second writes, “Wow! Looks like 50, happy birthday,” while a third shares, “The sexiest 66 alive…”

Another adds, “Still beautiful, still a crush…lol… sorta jealous of his wife…lol…happy for him!”

Meanwhile, a handful of followers extended their negativity with their foul thoughts: “You’re slowly showing your age Mr B. You looked 66 in the AxelF movie. Nothing wrong with showing your age either.”

A second writes, “Don’t like this pose for you,” which triggered a comment from another fan that said, “Uhhhh, what. Don’t like your baditude [bad attitude].”

Please let us know what you think of Kevin Bacon at 66 and then share this story so we can all wish the actor a very happy birthday!


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