3 Jun 2013

3 Jun 2013



IPv4 Xchange’s staff combines over 70 years of industry experience to help companies buy and sell IPv4 address blocks. Our company’s three principals have a wide range of expertise from sales engineering in the telecommunications industry to system architecture to dealing with the legal aspects of telecommunications and telecom regulation. Here’s a more in depth look at the areas of expertise IPv4 Xchange brings to the table:

Telecommunications Sales Engineering

We bring over 25 years of sales engineering experience and expertise to the table in the telecom arena. Over the years, we have provided technical solutions for global customers and help them put business functions in place that have allowed them grow exponentially. We have a great deal of experience with the IPv4 marketplace as well as evolving IPv6 technology. Through our relationships in this and other industries, we have secured many IPv4 transactions.

Senior Architecture

Our senior architect and engineer spent 27 years as a chief architect for one the world’s largest telecommunications companies. His tireless work and technical know-how helped grow enterprise networks globally. He leads our technical team at IPv4 Xchange and can ensure that, from a technical standpoint, your goals are met.


Our legal counsel has nearly 20 years of experience in dealing telecommunications regulatory practices. Our expertise is especially strong in terms of IPv4 transactions and emerging IPv6 technology.

Our unique approach to managing IPv4 blocks creates a fair marketplace in which companies with a justifiable need can efficiently get the tools necessary to grow their businesses. Our consultants also work with companies who have IPv4 address blocks to determine what they need and what can be utilized as an asset to produce revenue. We work with each seller to determine the types of buyers they are most comfortable with.